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    THOTH grandly presents at the Bauma Exhibition in Shanghai
    Time: 2018-11-24 15:42:08 From: auhor: Click:2598

    On November 27, 2018, Saos THOTH, a powerful partner in the field of power hydraulic motors, appeared in a new line-up at the 2018 Shanghai BMW Exhibition (booth: 549 of Pavilion N2).
    In this exhibition, Saos THOTH, with advanced management concepts, international standardized processing workshop, world-leading technology manufacturing and testing equipment, will fully show exhibitors the latest products produced under the challenge of intelligent environment. The construction machinery industry as a whole maintained a high trend of active and progressive operation. In order to seize the new opportunities for China's market development, Saos THOTH always believes that "Science and Technology Cast the Future", integrates the intelligent management of the integration of physical products and software intelligence. With advanced management concepts, international standardized processing workshops and world-leading technology manufacturing and testing equipment, the products on display are: cycloidal hydraulic motor, hydraulic steering gear, JMDG radial plunger motor, QJM ball motor, BGM cylinder motor, TMS roller motor, hydraulic rotary, transmission device, hydraulic pressure. Winches, winches, etc. Are widely used in construction machinery, lifting and transportation equipment, special vehicles, agricultural machinery, woodworking machinery, plastic and rubber machinery, machine tools, ships, mines and coal mining machinery.
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