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    Awesome! The standard of
    Time: 2018-11-28 8:30:32 From: auhor:Angelica Click:2921

    Recently, the group standard of "Made in Zhejiang Province" and "End-face Flow Distribution Cycloidal Hydraulic Motor" formulated by Ningbo Zhongyi Hydraulic Motor were approved and released by Zhejiang Brand Construction Federation. It marks a step forward for the certification of "Made in Zhejiang" of Zhongyi Hydraulic Motor.At the same time, this is a new
    breakthrough in the development of China and Italy.
    It is reported that the group standard of "Zhejiang Made" is applicable to the cycloidal hydraulic motor with hydraulic oil as working medium and nominal displacement of 80 mL/r-800 mL/r. This standard collects and combs the relevant domestic standards, and compares them with the hydraulic motor of well-known enterprises, and combines with the company for many years. To research and development experience of hydraulic motor, from product materials, manufacturing, inspection to factory processes are strictly in accordance with the requirements of Zhejiang manufacturing standards. The overall level has reached the first-class domestic and international advanced level, fully reflecting the "Zhejiang Manufacturing" standard's advanced nature and technical leadership!The person in charge of the district market supervision bureau said that the publication of Sino-Italian hydraulic motor standard is a confirmation of the company, indicating that the main technical indicators of their products have reached the first-class in China.

    As early as last year, the company began to develop standards for hydraulic motors. After a long time of accumulation of technology and experience, the product quality and technical standards have reached the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad. Products are also exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Russia and other places. The quality of products is "too hard", so it's natural to worry about sales. ~Zhongyi has laid out the strategic layout to the world! "Zhejiang Manufacturing" is a high-quality and high-level "pronoun" meaning will be better and better, to achieve high-quality, high-quality development!

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