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BGM series of swivelling cylinder hydraulic motors are low speed high torque hydraulic motors without connecting staff, It has been widely applied in many kinds of hydraulic transmission system, such as plastic injection machine, light industry equipment, heavy metallurgical machinery, petroleum and mine machine, hoist and transport vehicle, ship and deck machinery and equipment etc. In particular, it can be well available in slew driving, hoisting capstan and winches, wheel slew drives etc.


The BGM hydraulic motor is shown in the figure above, which is composed of cylinder 1, plunger 2, crankshaft 3, front housing 8, rear housing 9, and other parts. The motor is running. Since the cylinder block 1 drives the plunger 2 to automatically swing with the trunnion sleeve 4 as the center, it is ensured that the axis of the cylinder block 1 and the plunger 2 always pass through the center of the crankshaft spherical bearing sleeve 5. Therefore, the plunger 2 is aligned in the reciprocating motion The cylinder block 1 does not generate lateral force. The high-pressure oil enters the valve plate 11 that rotates with the crankshaft from the oil inlet of the oil through plate 10, and enters through the flow passage in the rear housing 9 and the oil passage on the trunnion sleeve 4. The upper part of the plunger 2 enters the balance chamber a of the lower part of the plunger through the orifice. At this time, the hollow plunger with high pressure oil passes through the spherical bearing sleeve 5 and the roller 6 to transmit the hydraulic force under the action of oil pressure. Crankshaft 3. The crankshaft drives under the action of eccentric torque. As the high-pressure oil enters, when the plunger moves to the bottom dead center of the rotation axis of the radial motor, due to the switching effect of the synchronously rotating oil distribution plate 11. The upper oil chamber of the plunger 2 is connected with the motor oil return port through the valve plate 11. The plunger 2 is pushed by the rotating crankshaft 3, the oil chamber volume is reduced, and the oil stored in the oil chamber passes through the trunnion sleeve 4 channel and rear The channel in the housing 9, the valve plate, 1, and the oil through plate 10 are discharged to the oil return port. Each cylinder plunger is connected to the high-pressure oil and low-pressure oil return channels in turn, and the driving torque generated by the high-pressure plungers on the crankshaft 3 is superimposed in the same direction, so that the output shaft of the hydraulic motor obtains continuous and stable rotation torque. By changing the direction of the oil passage in and out of the oil passage, the steering of the hydraulic motor can be changed; if the valve plate 11 is rotated through the 1800 assembly, the reverse rotation of the motor can also be realized.


*To avoid leakage and get high volumetric efficiency ,a new-style piston ring will be airproofed between the piston and the block.

*The side loading between the piston and swiveling cylinder has been eliminated;the hydrostatic balabce is built between the piston feet;the pistons transmit load to the shaft via a rolling bearing .So this hydraulic motor features high mechanical efficiency and high starting torque.

*Due to the reduced friction loss in structure and improved sealing capability,so the motor can operate at low speeds with a high degree of speed stability,even if at 1 r/min of speed.Hereby the speed control range is wide (the speed control ratio is up to 1000).

*Because of simple structure, reasonable design (no connecting rod, minish the motor radial size and weight.and using large load capacity bearing.).The series motors has many excellent features as follow light weight ,small size ,good reliability,long lifetime and low noise.