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BHR1 Hydraulic Steering Gear

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● BHR1 Hydraulic Steering Gear

BHR1, BHR2. BHR3, BHR5 series of full hydraulic steering gear is based on maintaining the original BZZ shape and installation dimensions, and the internal structure of the valve body is optimized to make its performance more superior. It is widely used in hydraulic steering and ship steering of low-speed and heavy-duty vehicles such as construction machinery, forklifts, tractors, and combine harvesters.

BHR5 load-sensing steering gear is used in load-sensing hydraulic steering system with priority valves such as YXL


            ·Good pressure compensation for changes in steering load;

            ·The flow and pressure of the steering loop are prioritized, and the steering performance is reliable;

            ·The steering circuit and other working circuits do not affect each other, thus improving the system efficiency;

            ·High steering sensitivity. Fast response, good starting characteristics under cold conditions;

● Hydraulic Schematic

● Performance Parameter