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BS Orbit Hydraulic Motor With Spool Valve

Product Details

● BS Orbit Hydraulic Motor With Spool Valve

This series of motor is with spool valve design, with the advanced geroler gear set and ductile iron of adequate intensity. It can be applied to the situation with less load and interval operation, and widely to agricultural machines, forestry machinery,   plastic

injection machinery, mining machines, metal working machines, conveyors etc.


1、Compact volume, easy installation, especially for limited space working condition.

2、Using geroler gear set design, with the function of low friction, low starting pressure, high efficiency, smooth working and longer working life.

3、Spool valve design with less side and weight.

4、With two inner check valves, drain line can be closed.

5、With high pressure seal, the motor can be used in parallel or in series.