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A municipal science and technology project of the company passed the acceptance

Issuing time:2020-07-21 16:26Author:宁波中意液压马达

Recently, the Ningbo Science and Technology Project "Development and Industrialization of New Type Emulsion Motor Based on Integrated Lubrication, Wear Resistance and Corrosion Resistance Carbon Based Coating Material Technology", undertaken by our company, passed the acceptance by Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau and registered as "Ningbo Science and Technology Achievement". The main collaborators of this project are: Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Ningbo Institute of Engineering.

The company always adheres to the road of "science and technology enterprises", has a research and development team of nearly 40 people, and the average annual investment for product development accounted for about 6% of the sales revenue. The company has established Zhejiang provincial postdoctoral workstation, Zhejiang provincial high-tech R & D center, Ningbo municipal-level enterprise expert workstation, and has maintained good technical cooperation with Shanghai University, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, Xi'an University of Science and Technology and other domestic well-known universities and experts and professors in the industry. The company and the Ningbo Institute of Materials Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly set up "hydraulic motor wear-resistant coating materials research and development center", and introduced Italy, Germany, Japan and other famous overseas experts, injecting advanced concepts for the company's research and development, technology. The pressure grade of hydraulic motor researched and developed by the company can reach 35Mpa, which is the first-class level in China and international leading level. The products of the company have widely replaced imported products, and become an important supplier of XCMG, Sany and other well-known machinery manufacturing enterprises.

The accepted project, which combines the technology of wear-resistant coating materials and mechanical structure optimization of emulsion motor, will become the future trend of hydraulic motor.