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Ningbo Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Mayor Qiu Dongyao visited Sino-Italian Group

Issuing time:2020-07-15 09:41Author:宁波中意液压马达

In the afternoon of July 13, 2020, Qiu Dongyao, Deputy Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Ningbo, accompanied by Lin Yalian, Secretary of Zhenhai District Party Committee and Gu Xia, Deputy Director of Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, visited the company for research.

Accompanied by General Manager Cai Guoding, Mayor Qiu and his delegation visited the digital workshop of the company and listened to Cai's report in detail. When they learned that the company accelerated the construction of digital workshop and increased the output value per capita in recent years, Mayor Qiu affirmed the achievements made by the intelligent transformation of the company and expressed his appreciation for the company to maintain rapid growth under the influence of epidemic.

Mayor Qiu pointed out in the research that the company should continuously strengthen technological innovation, continuously improve the core competitiveness of products and market share, speed up to build intelligent factories, and wished the company would soon become a single champion enterprise.

Mayor Qiu Dongyao came to the company for research, as one of the itinerary of "three services" to carry out in-depth enterprise. He stressed that it is necessary to seriously study and implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping in Zhejiang and Ningbo, according to the deployment requirements of the fourteenth seventh plenary session of the provincial party committee and the thirteenth eight plenary session of the municipal party committee, focus on building a modern industrial system, promote the development of high quality economy, give strong support to enterprises to improve the industrial chain innovation chain, and constantly enhance the innovation and competitiveness of the Ningbo economy, for the city as a good Zhejiang construction! Strong support from exemplary students in the "critical window".

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