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District Federation of Trade Unions send cool, China and Italy welcome welfare

Issuing time:2020-05-15 09:26Author:宁波中意液压马达

On the morning of July 31st, under the leadership of Liu Liqun, the deputy head of the district people's government, the union leaders walked into Zhongyi under the scorching sun to show condolences to the favorite people who were sweating in the heat.

"The hot weather, everyone has worked hard! I wish you all take care of your health, work happily, and live a happy life..." A line of heartwarming condolences, boxes of refreshing drinks, bags of thoughtful heatstroke prevention drugs, It really makes the favorite person feel cold in his hands and warm in his heart...

At the same time, Cai Guoding, Chairman of China-Italy, invited Liu Liqun, the deputy head of the district, and his party to visit the ongoing intelligent transformation project in the factory.

Mr. Cai introduced that this year, Zhongyi introduced a number of automated production lines and have already put them into trial operation, which integrates the motor housing spindle production line, motor testing platform, logistics system, centralized chip removal system, centralized coolant supply system and CPS network system, Auxiliary systems such as distributed numerical control software DNC and manufacturing data acquisition system MDC. It is planned that in the future, MES will be the core, based on DNC, Internet of Things, and big data technology, and information technology will be used to realize centralized monitoring and management of the processing, logistics, testing and equipment operation of the automated production line.

At the end of the condolences, Li Liqun and others also presented a batch of work safety materials such as a hot weather worker care manual to the employee representatives, and stated that the person in charge of the relevant unit should pay attention to safe production in the hot season, and do various heatstroke prevention and cooling measures and labor protection work. Combine work and rest to protect the health of employees.

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