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Hydraulic motor data statistics and quality management

Issuing time:2020-11-12 14:15Author:宁波中意液压马达

We are now ushering in an era of big data. Data management is widely used in many areas of today's society. For example, our company's EMS management system is a system for data information management. Quality management is even more inseparable from data. Without data, it is impossible to judge whether the product is qualified, without data, it is impossible to know whether the process is stable, and without data, it is impossible to evaluate whether the performance is up to standard. Detailed and accurate data is an important basis for quality planning, quality control, quality improvement and quality assurance processes.

Quality data generally includes: component size, product test performance, pass rate, number of defective products, repair rate, etc., and more extensive quality data also includes various data reflecting the quality of work, such as quality cost loss, inventory extrusion, and production completion rate , Invalid working hours, etc. Data can be collected through full inspection, sampling inspection and other directions. The data collected must have accuracy, authenticity, timeliness and completeness.

To guide quality management, the collected data also needs to be processed accordingly. Through histogram, scatter diagram, process capability index (CPK), statistical analysis and other methods, statistics and analysis of these data can be used to discover the links and production that affect product quality. Guarantee the changing law of capacity and feed it back to the production process, adjust process parameters, and improve product quality. For example, by analyzing the related dimensional change law of the parts processed by the assembly line machine tool, you can grasp the law of tool wear and the influence of the environmental temperature on the production assurance ability, and prevent the production of defective products in advance; for example, by analyzing the distribution of unqualified reasons for the finished motor test, you can find Current quality control problems, targeted improvement measures are implemented; for example, through the analysis of the changing trend of the product qualification rate and the comparison of the qualification rate, to guide the improvement of the weak links of quality control, the survival of the fittest... through effective Analyze data and information to provide a basis for quality control and improvement.

As a limited means of monitoring and measuring the quality management system, data statistics and analysis are widely used in the production management process, which helps to discover the problems and causes in time, and provide support for the continuous improvement of the company's quality.