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Issuing time:2020-06-08 15:47Author:宁波中意液压马达

July 23, 2019, Ningbo Zhongyi Hydraulic Motor Co. "Lean Site and Group Construction Project Launching Ceremony" was officially held. The project was promoted and implemented by Hyundai Junming Enterprise Management Consulting Co. General Manager Cai Guoding, Executive Vice General Manager Pan Lifeng, General Manager Chen Hongjun, Project Director Yuan Jianfa, Project Mentor Lv Qingping, Wang Haifeng and all the staff of the company attended the ceremony.

With the advancement of intelligent management in CIIC, management improvement has become an inevitable trend. The management improvement project of "Lean Site and Team Construction" introduced by CIIC aims to further improve the standardized workflow, strengthen visual management, eliminate waste, prevent errors, make continuous improvement, create perfect value creation process, realize the design process from concept to production, the information process from order to delivery, and improve the quality of the products. The conversion process from raw materials to products, the whole life cycle support and service process, and ultimately provide perfect value to customers.

Cai Guoding, General Manager of CECI and project initiator, delivered a speech at the meeting. He pointed out the purpose of fully implementing lean production management, to move from the previous extensive management, low efficiency production and low level products, to fine management, high efficiency production and high value products. Mr. Cai hoped that all the staff of CIY would be vigilant in times of peace, change their mindset, and have the courage to innovate, and attach importance to the promotion of lean production.

Pan Lifeng, Executive Vice President and project team leader, used his own experience as an example to affirm the benefits of professional teachers' counseling, expressed his determination to promote the lean project, and gave everyone full confidence in the difficulties to be faced in the lean reform.

At the end of the meeting, the general manager of the company awarded the project leader with a medal. All the participants took the oath and signed the pledge, expressing their determination to implement Lean and their hope for the future of the company.

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